1. If you have a question concerning your sexual identity, please feel free to ask away. You are safe here and I promise to take your ask seriously. However, if you inquire what I think your sexuality is, I will not be able to answer this question. I feel only you can identify you and me taking a stab in the dark doesn't feel like I'm doing you the justice you deserve.
  2. If you have sent me an ask and I haven't answered, please send me the ask again. Tumblr isn't very reliable.
  3. I am not currently taking commissions or requests.
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...I am to see to it that I do not lose you.

My name is Kelley. I draw therefore I am. Welcome to my art blog!

(Originally filmed for RL friends discovering my Tumblr for the first time. Some evisceration may occur.)

Requests are closed. Commissions are closed.


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Aug 14 '13
Commissioned by the lovely cerealcuddler for their fic The Beautiful Game.

Commissioned by the lovely cerealcuddler for their fic The Beautiful Game.

(Source: anotherwellkeptsecret)

752 notes Tags: my art commissions fic rec go read now sherlock john football soccer aulock johnlock sherlock's always wearing tight things even if it's a football kit see what i did with their numbers? 1887? bahaha legs i love me some legs

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