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My name is Kelley. I draw therefore I am. Welcome to my art blog!

(Originally filmed for RL friends discovering my Tumblr for the first time. Some evisceration may occur.)

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Sep 2 '14


So I can shag you. 

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Sep 2 '14

got my NEW kindle all loaded up with ‘things I can’t believe I haven’t read yet but are really long & complete so will be just the ticket for 24 hour plane trips’. Might have had a practice run and started reading Nature & Nurture last night.


got my NEW kindle all loaded up with ‘things I can’t believe I haven’t read yet but are really long & complete so will be just the ticket for 24 hour plane trips’. Might have had a practice run and started reading Nature & Nurture last night.

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Sep 2 '14

Hello! More fic recs for you/your followers based on the desire to see lengthy, protective Johnlock!

*Hollow Men by distantstarlight - protective/codependent Johnlock. Subsequent stories turn it into a polyamorous relationship but the first part holds on its own if that’s not your thing.

* Ilium by janto321 - AU. Rentboy!John. Protective Sherlock.

* The Letters series by earlgreytea68 - more of a fringe definition of protective, I suppose, but a fantastic series nonetheless. (Emotionally protective John, perhaps?)

*26 Pieces by Lanning - our boys protective of each other in turn

*Not the King’s Men by StoneWingedAngel - Protective John, broken Sherlock. More of the hurt/comfort side of protective.

*A Waste of Breath by Chryse - Again more of the hurt/comfort side, but BAMF Protective John afterwards.

— themindisacity
God bless America. 

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Sep 2 '14

Anonymous asked:

Hi Kelley! So I identify as a goodartsexual which means I love your blog hella much

Victory is miiiinnnee!!!

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Sep 2 '14


Benedict Cumberbatch at the GQ Men of the Year 2014 Awards at the Royal Opera House [x]

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Sep 2 '14


i’m laughing so hard at ben’s hand stuck in his pocket like he is so fucking awkward i love him so much all i can think about is that article about martin where the author was like “he doesn’t have cumberbatch’s swagger” like have you literally ever seen either of them martin is a smooth as fuck hot dad and ben c is made up entirely of bambi legs

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Sep 2 '14
I’m going to leave the stage now because I drank a lot and I need the loo.
— Benedict Cumberbatch being lovely as ever in his awards speech after winning GQ man of the year’s actor award! (via nixxie-fic)

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Sep 2 '14


is dan stevens’s hand on ben c’s butt




but also


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Sep 2 '14


I was tagged by mid0nz. Thank you!

Rules: In a text post, list ten FICS that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard — they don’t have to be the “right” works, or even all the same pairing or fandom, just the fics that have touched you or that stuck with you somehow. 

OK, so I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I’ve seen most of the “big name” fics recc’d already, so I thought I’d try to pull out some of the lesser-known ones that have stuck with me. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE all the well-known fics! They’re popular for a reason, and I’m no exception to loving them. Anyway, here you go. Most of these will be Johnlock, since that’s what I read the most. These are all completed works, so happy reading!

  1. In the “unadulterated smut” category: Teamwork (Dean/Cas), by bellacatbee. Multiple Deans from different timelines team up to help one frantic Cas, hit by a “fuck or die” spell. Blazingly hot.
  2. Heart on a String (Johnlock), by AngelSpirit. John and Sherlock get “married” with Cracker Jack rings when they are 7, and this story follows them through to present day. I was blown away by the emotion in this, especially the teenlock scenes. Crazy good.
  3. A Moment’s Surrender (Johnlock), by anchors. This was the first ballet!lock fic I ever read, and it’s amazing. Painful, interesting, and ultimately super satisfying. I read this as it was posted, and apiologies can tell you how much I flailed throughout. :)
  4. Trying to Find the In-Between (Johnlock), by NoStraightLine. OK, this one is pretty popular (it’s a series), but it’s stunning. Watching Sherlock realize just how badly he hurt John, and then watching him trying to fix it is incredible. I have gone back and read the chapter “Let Go Before it’s Too Late” so many times I’ve lost count.
  5. Vena Cava (Johnlock), by SilentAuror. I love ALL of SA’s stuff, but this one has stuck with me and gets re-read a lot. The hospital scenes in particular made me cry. So much tenderness. <3
  6. Command Structure (Johnlock), by 221b_hound. I also adore the “Unkissed” series, but this one is really special. It is one of maybe 2 or 3 fics where I’m OK with John using pet names for Sherlock. And the routine they work out between them for each other’s well-being is just so sweet and loving. Whenever I feel sad, I read this, and it never fails to make me feel better.
  7. A Love with No Name (Johnlock), by aceofhearts61. This series is amazing. Sherlock is ace, and John is straight, but they are in love. There’s no sex, but there is a ton of cuddling and affection and tenderness, and all of it KILLS me. I read this one frequently. <3
  8. Cracks in the Wall (teenlock and beyond), by sweetcupncakes. THIS FIC, THOUGH. I have read it COUNTLESS times. I go back to it again and again. I don’t read a lot of teenlock, but this is magnificent. It’s so real, and it all just WORKS. Plus, rugby socks. That’s all I’m saying. :D
  9. Silhouettes (johnlock), by allonsys_girl. Eeeeee, this one!!! It’s everything. Love and hot sexytimes, and more love, and just ALL THE LOVE. It deads me. My favorite part is when they can’t bear to sleep apart even in the single beds in Dartmoor. *flails* In fact, I’m going to re-read this after I’m done making this list. :D
  10. The Faithful Compass series (johnlock), by KeelieThompson1. This series is fascinating. John and Sherlock meet in Uni, and the story follows them throughout the years. This fic contains the most painful breakup scene I have ever read (but it has a happy ending!), and I am in tears every time I read it, but it’s so good. Very long, but well worth your time.

And that’s it! I could easily do 10 more. This was so fun; thank you, MJ. :)

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Sep 2 '14
Ugh no, I’m going to do the self-promotion thing… Misguided John trying to protect Sherlock and determined Sherlock trying to keep John. AU and both angst/smut heavy. archiveofourown . org/works/2180274

Bless you!

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