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My name is Kelley. I draw therefore I am. Welcome to my art blog!

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Oct 1 '14


No but guys imagine this

Imagine the opening scene of the first episode of s4

The camera pans up from the bottom of a double bed in a darkened room. John is asleep on his back in bed, and the camera comes to a stop on him. His right hand is behind his head, his left resting, complete with wedding ring, on his chest. A baby can be heard mewling in the background; cue a close-up of John’s face as his eyes flicker open and he hums quietly, before easing up onto his elbows, glancing over at the alarm clock beside him – it’s 3:30am – and the blinking lights of the baby monitor next to it. The lights wobble as a gentle shushing comes through from the other end, and the baby’s noises grow softer, quieter, less afraid.

John looks to his right: the blankets are rumpled and pushed back, the other occupant of the bed clearly having risen to tend to the child. John takes a moment to lie back down, rubbing at his eyes in an effort at waking himself up. He gazes up at the ceiling (and the camera) in the semi-darkness, and slowly a small, tired smile curves his lips. There is no doubt in our minds that he’s worn out, but happy.

The next shot is of John getting out of bed, slipping on his dressing gown; close-ups of his hands as he preps a bottle and heats it up in the microwave. Then we see him walking upstairs, bottle in hand, and easing open a door that creaks ever so slightly on its hinges. John enters, pausing on the threshold. He looks remarkably younger in the silver moonlight that slants in through the open curtains, all evidence of war and pain smoothed away. Another smile. After a moment of watching, he steps closer, offering up the bottle in his hand. “Here,” he says, and places it into an outstretched palm. As the hand is retracted, we see a wedding band glinting unmistakeably.

A soft, deep voice murmurs, “Thank you.” John takes another step, grinning. “I guess she inherited my appetite,” he says, and as he reaches up a hand to touch the small of his partner’s back, the camera continues upward, revealing pale, milk-white skin and a mess of dark curls, and Sherlock is smiling as warmly and sincerely as he did the day he and John became a duo again, facing London’s paparazzi together outside 221B for the first time in two years. “Yes,” he replies. “I believe she did.”

Then the opening credits kick in

And the next scene is a fucking flashback to six months prior because that’s exactly what Moffat would do

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Oct 1 '14

Anonymous asked:

I love Oh, What a Night!!! It's so amazing. I have one question, on the last section that you published, I was a little confused by Mycroft's text and why John gasped. I read your tag and you reminded us that you didn't draw explicit art. So, were they "doing more" than just kissing? I've re-read it so many times and I can't figure it out. I feel stupid, sorry. Lol.

Mycroft’s cryptic message will make more sense later. I’m being sneaky and Moffat-y about it.

John gasped because that’s some hot kissin’ they’re doing thar. They aren’t doing anything else. Sherlock ruins the mood by mentioning Mycroft, which John will bring up in the page I’ll be posting tonight. 

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Oct 1 '14

About OWAN, I was thinking I would update one page at a time until I feel better. I’m doing really well! Still having the bad dreams, but I’m not waking up as much anymore. I should be done with a page tonight, actually. I think I’ll live stream it if anyone’s interested. It’ll have to be after I exercise (heavy put-upon sigh), so it’ll probably be around 8:00PM CST.

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Oct 1 '14



-The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes


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Oct 1 '14

I would pay someone in art to exercise for me.

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Oct 1 '14


people do realize that the fact that mary will be out of the picture and john and sherlock will end up together is not even in question right? do people realize the only thing in question at all is whether or not that relationship will be textually acknowledged as romantic? do people realize the fact that the series will end with the two of them together and solving crimes is literally not even remotely in danger like not even a slight worry?

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Oct 1 '14

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Oct 1 '14

original graphic by dangling thpider 


original graphic by dangling thpider 

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Oct 1 '14

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Oct 1 '14


vent drawing from pain

for larger click here

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